How to choose the best online casino?

Once you start visiting online casinos, you probably won’t have much chance of avoiding the sometimes annoying, lengthy texts and flashing ads that promise to get rich quick (if you transfer money to your account). It can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re still deciding which online casino to choose from in the beginning – and if you don’t know exactly what these bonus offers actually mean.

About casino bonuses

There are usually two types of online casino bonuses: a first deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus. The first is best for players who plan to play in the casino for a while and the second is ideal for those who just want to try the online casino Singapore.

Deposit-free bonus: These bonus offers are quite understandable. As soon as you register a new account in the online casino (on some websites you must also provide your e-mail address), you will immediately be credited with a bonus to your registered account, without the condition of your own deposit.

The advantage of this type of bonus is that you can try casino games for free without depositing your own money into the account. This way you can test the game room and decide whether you want to further invest your financial amount. Sometimes they can have such bonuses in the form of free spins on some of the games offered by the casino, such as slot machines, and it is another form of bonus instead of cash on the account.

Deposit bonuses: These bonuses are credited to your registered account if you deposit an amount from your own funds. These come mainly in two main forms: free cash bonuses (this is a fixed amount, such as € 50), and the more common form is a deposit bonus, which is expressed as a percentage of the amount you deposit, this amount is limited (such as bonus 100% up to a maximum of € 300 deposit).

In most casinos, you only have the option to draw deposit bonuses when registering a new account and making your first deposit into your new account. If you decide to stay in the room and continue playing for a while, these bonuses are a big advantage because you get more money into the game for free.

Some casinos also offer special deposit bonus offers for loyalty club members, such as holiday bonuses, weekend bonuses, loyalty bonuses for VIP club levels, and so on. But these are not so decisive if you are still choosing an online casino.

One very important note about the casino bonuses account: each bonus offer always contains the conditions for drawing these bonuses, they are often quite complicated before you can actually draw the bonus added to your account.

Many casino games are often excluded from the option to wager the required amount to withdraw the bonus. So this means that you have to bet this € 1000 on slot machines or video poker instead of blackjack or baccarat.

Footnote: The amount of bonuses is a very good reason to choose your preferred online casino, but it is important to read the footnotes so you will not be unpleasantly surprised by the conditions and know exactly what you can expect from the casino bonus.

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