The real strategy to win

Press a bright button and with a click hit the six-zero bang . More than a temptation, a dream, that of breaking the bank and effortlessly solving any economic problem. But are there really safe strategies for winning gambling? There are those who have exploited the trend to propose patented methods on YouTube to blow the bank in slot machines. New systems to put the machines in check or simple expedients for scraps of fame?See the source image

On his 500,000 subscriber channel YouTuber Kazzy uploaded a video, with nearly three million views, showing how to win $ 100 on every slot game in Las Vegas. The method is ridiculous , to say the least. The expression “Blue Horseshoe”, quoted in the Wall Street movie, would actually be a sort of code that if processed through a Google algorithm would provide a winning number. Malaysia online casino

Could the assistance of the rambling experts of the Italian community be missing ? A local user proposes a system to understand, based on the noises produced by the slot, when it is the right time to bet and go to cash.

It is evident that these and other videos are nothing but coarse, to tell the truth, a ploy to deceive some unwary. And it works, judging by the views. However, it is better not to generalize . There are some exceptions on the Big G video-sharing platform.

Like the video by Neily 777 which provides valuable advice to optimize the management of the gaming budget . In addition to making clear, right away, the ascendant of luck in slots, he recommends setting aside the profits and then starting again to bet from the initial bet.See the source image

Portfolio management is the basis of a rational betting approach. There are portals, where money management techniques and the concrete opportunities offered by bonuses and free spins are exposed .

It is absurd to bet without knowing the payout of the slot , reported in the data sheet (digital slots have an RTP of at least 90%), and its exact functioning. On digital casinos you can try the games with virtual money, the test case for any test. The “for fun” option is a must for those who are just starting out.

The millionaire prize pools of progressive jackpot slots are the aspiration of many bettors. Attempting, in moderation, is not harmful, but it is better to avoid betting shortly after the jackpot is paid.

The trick to winning with certainty at slots does not exist, and if it ever did, the rules of the game would be changed. Better to put your soul in peace, face gambling with the awareness of the risks involved, without ever exaggerating and losing sight of the adage that says: losing is part of the game .

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